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FAQ’s Page


+ - Are these artworks original?

All the art advertised to you has been created by Signature Green.



+ - Does the frame come with the print?

No, for packaging, shipping and pricing reasons this is excluded.

Please feel free to ask if you'd like references to local framers.

+ - Can I get your work tattooed?

Of course, you can!!! I would see that as a huge compliment. But then your Tattoo Artist needs to agree to it as a collaborative piece. Design credit is very important to me.


Feel free to buy some of my art to show support to Signature Green and not just your Tattoo Artist.

+ - Can I copy and sell your work?

I am delighted that you find my work good enough to copy, but just take inspiration from it and make it your own. Be a true artist. Copying is boring.


+ - Are you interested in Collaboration and Trading?

Absolutely! Please note that I won't always be able to collaborate and trade with each artist, but it all depends on mutual benefits and time consumption.



+ - Shipping Day

Items are shipped from South Africa every Monday.




+ - Refunds on a faulty product

Refunds on faulty or defective goods will be accepted for up to 7 days of receiving day.


Refunds are insured for misprints, wrong colour displays, and wrong order shipment. Please note that incorrect sizing of a product is not refundable, because a size guide was provided. 


If you have received an item as a gift, you can not ask for a refund.


Refunds are not provided for products that got damaged in the shipping process. Please note that I will be sure to use functional packaging to get your order to you safely.

+ - International shipping in the pandemic

International shipping supported in the following countries:

Austria, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Canada, Norway, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Australia and New Zealand.


Transit time is 5-8 working days pending customs and  Flight Delays, Excluding Public Holidays.


Unfortunately Due to Lockdown and Flight Restrictions more Delays can be Expected. (ALL Pending movement Availability)*


*kindly note due to COVID we are experiencing customs, borders and flight delays*

+ - Shipping Address

Make sure your shipping address is correct. Please include the postal code. The buyer will shoulder additional expenses due to an incorrect shipping address. Please note all check-outs are secured.

+ - Shipping Method

All products are printed individually.


When you place an order it will get sent off to the printers to get printed, which will take 3-7 days.


Shipping will be processed every Monday.


You will be notified when your product is being shipped and your Tracking Number will be emailed to you. Allow your shipping 10-20 business days.


Please note that any delays will be communicated via email.